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Doctors of Optometry Treat Many Eye Conditions

Troublesome eye conditions can make life uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It is very important to have a solid team of professionals, like those at Today's Vision Cinco Ranch in Katy, behind you so that you can enjoy life in Houston to the fullest. Here is a look at a few of the conditions we treat in our office. Expect top quality eye care services from our team. We will work with you to help you find relief.

Eye Allergies

It is not very fun to experience eye allergies in Houston. The itching, burning, and discomfort can ruin your day. Sometimes allergies are seasonal, caused by things like plants or tree pollen, but they are often always present because of things in our environment. These include pet hair, perfumes, dust, mold, or a variety of other substances. The doctors of optometry in our Katy office can help find the underlying allergen and reason for your discomfort. Once the culprit is found, a treatment plan can be made.

Dry Eye

There are several causes of dry eye, but it is ultimately a condition where the eyes are not lubricated properly. People experiencing dry eye feel pain or like there is dust in their eye, endure watering, and might even experience blurry vision. Our team will take a look at your eyes, talk with you about your symptoms, find the cause, and come up with a treatment plan.


Glaucoma tends to strike later in life and typically runs in families. Be sure to let our team know if this condition runs in your family. Pressure builds up in the eye that damages the optic nerve, causing glaucoma. This damage reduces the function of the optic nerve and can cause blindness. Be sure to get in to utilize our eye care services if you are experiencing halos around lights, vision loss, or blurred vision. We will test for glaucoma and possibly recommend laser surgery, microsurgery, or prescription eye drops to help manage it.


Cataracts also tend to develop as people age and run in families. Symptoms include cloudy or blurry vision, colors becoming less vivid, double vision, difficulty seeing at night, and filmy vision. Cataracts come about when protein builds up on the lenses of the eyes and obstructs vision. Our doctors of optometry can diagnose cataracts and provide a referral to an experienced surgeon in Houston to perform cataract surgery.

Your eye health is important and finding eye care services from an office you trust is essential. 

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