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Contact Lens Exams from Your Katy Optometrist

At Today’s Vision, we believe every patient deserves comfortable, high-quality eyewear that corrects their vision without causing extra complications. If you depend on contact lenses (or you want to switch from glasses to contacts), your vision care needs are unique, so our optometry services in Katy must be unique too. Contact lens exams are separate from our regular eye exams and vision tests, and they’re crucial for any contact-wearers quality of life. Learn why the contact lens exam is so important to our Katy optometrist, Dr. Mostaghimi, and how you can schedule yours.

contact lens exams from your optometrist in katy

Crucial Differences Between Eye Exams and Contact Lens Exams

So, what is the difference between an eye exam and a contact lens exam? While comprehensive eye exams are a crucial part of any eye care regimen, contact lenses require additional tests and lens fittings. While an eye exam is designed to detect possible abnormalities or changes to your eyes, a contact lens exam evaluates your eyes to determine the right prescription, fit, shape, size, and type of lens that you need. Here are some of the techniques and tests that may be part of your contact lens exam:

  • Corneal Measurements – Your eye doctor may use a keratometer or corneal topographer to learn the exact curvature of each eye’s surface
  • Pupil & Iris Measurements -- Contact lenses fit over your pupil and iris, so it’s important to measure the diameters of both to make sure your lens isn’t too big or small
  • Tear Evaluation – Our optometrist may test your ability to produce tears because dry eyes will lead to irritation, redness, and other complications without the proper type of contact lenses
  • Contact Lens Fitting – The final step will always be a contact lens fitting, in which your optometrist makes sure the shape, size, and curvature is right and the lens will stay in place

Everyday Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses rest directly on the surface of each eye, so they require no hardware to correct your vision. They also come in disposable varieties, adding even more convenience to your vision care regimen. Some contact lenses even offer sharper vision than eyeglasses, because they correct irregularities right on the surface of the eye. And if you have a color irregularity or want to experiment with different eye colors, only contact lenses will do the trick.

Finding the Right Type of Contact Lenses for You

After your contact lens exam, our optometrist will work closely with you to figure out exactly what brand and type is right for you. We carry a wide variety of contact lens brands, and we also have specialty lenses for patients with a history of hard-to-fit contacts. Here are some of the types of contact lenses we offer:

  • Gas Permeable– These lenses retain their shape, eliminating blur while allowing oxygen to reach the eye for breathability
  • Scleral– These lenses arch over the eye to prevent irritation, and their larger size allows them to fit inside the eyelids to prevent floating
  • Soft – If gas permeable lenses are too rigid, you may benefit from softer lenses that provide extra hydration

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with our Katy Optometrist

Are you ready to update your contact lens prescription or learn more about your contact lens options? Call us today to schedule a contact lens exam with our Katy optometrist.

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