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Treatment for Eye Allergies at Today's Vision Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX

Allergies can be an ordeal no matter what part of the body they strike - but when your eyes are plagued by allergy symptoms, your discomfort is compounded by the inconvenience of vision problems and the potential for long-term eye damage. But you don't have to let this overreaction from your immune system wreck your quality of life. Here at Today's Vision Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX we can figure out the source of your eye allergies and provide the right treatment to help you overcome your symptoms.

Woman suffering from eye allergiesTroubled by Eye Allergy Symptoms?

Eye allergies are often referred to as allergic conjunctivitis for their tendency to cause the familiar symptoms of "pinkeye," including reddened, itchy, watery eyes, sensitivity to light, and swelling of the eyelids and around the eyes. Unlike bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, however, allergic conjunctivitis is often caused by a completely harmless stimulus. If your immune system interprets this innocent substance as an attacking germ, it will produce histamine in its efforts to defend you against the invader. Unfortunately, these "invaders" can take a wide variety of forms. Eye allergy triggers include:

  • Pet hair or dander
  • Tobacco, automotive, or other smoke
  • Perfumes, air fresheners, and other airborne chemicals
  • Seasonal or perennial plant or tree pollen
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Protein particles stuck to contact lenses
  • Contact lens cleaning agents

Even if you think you can manage to tolerate life with chronic eye allergies, doing so isn't a good idea. Under certain circumstances, untreated allergic conjunctivitis can promote damage to the corneas of the eyes. You're much better off dealing with your eye allergy symptoms -- and Today's Vision Cinco Ranch can help.

Our Optometry Center Has the Answers

Bring your itchy, watery eyes to our optometry clinic for eye allergy diagnosis and treatment. Our eye doctor, Dr. Mostaghimi, can examine your eyes to eliminate (or treat) other possible causes of your symptoms. If you don't know what you're allergic to, we may recommend clinical testing to help find the underlying allergen.

Once we understand your allergy, we can prescribe treatment methods to help you enjoy healthier, more comfortable eyes. Antihistamines or other medications can reign in symptoms caused by unavoidable environmental triggers; you may also benefit from wraparound sunglasses to keep dust or pollen away from your eyes. We can even exchange your contact lens products for alternatives that don't irritate your eyes.

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