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You depend on your eyes for a lot, and when a vision problem develops, it can take a huge toll on your ability to perform even simple daily functions that you tend to take for granted. Even if you have “perfect” vision with no history of previous eye problems, you still need to have a regular eye exam every year to keep an ongoing record of your eyes and your vision that can help identify problems in their very earliest stages.

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Eye exams evaluate how well you’re seeing, and they also assess your eye’s structure to look for subtle signs of diseases and other issues that need to be addressed to help prevent problems in the future. As a top-ranked optometry practice in Katy, Texas, Today’s Vision at Cinco Ranch offers comprehensive eye exam services to help patients of all ages -- from toddlers to seniors -- enjoy clear vision and optimal eye health.

What happens during an eye exam at Today’s Vision?

Eye exams begin with a review of any symptoms you might be experiencing as well as a thorough review of your medical history to look for risk factors that might make you more likely to develop eye diseases or vision problems. Next, your vision will be evaluated using a series of assessments to measure different aspects of your vision, including:

  • your ability to see clearly at different distances
  • your depth perception
  • your color vision
  • your overall eye health

After your initial assessment, the optometrist may place special drops in your eyes to gently widen your pupils. Once your pupils are dilated, your optometrist will be able to see the structures inside your eyes, including the light-sensitive retina and the optic nerve head, using a bright light.  With technological advancements, we also offer a special retina exam that allows our doctors to see the inside of your eye without the use of any eye drops!

Other exams will evaluate:

  • The surface of your cornea to look for scratches or irritation that can be a sign of dry eye and other eye issues
  • Your lids to look for signs of infection
  • Your intraocular pressure (IOP) to look for signs of glaucoma (without using the "air puff" test)

If the optometrist determines you need glasses or if you already wear glasses or contacts, other exams will help determine the best prescription for you so you can enjoy the clearest vision possible.

All of the tests and assessments performed during a routine eye exam are completely painless and noninvasive, and they can be performed in well under an hour.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy: Schedule an Eye Exam Today

Having a regular eye exam is one of the best things you can do to preserve your vision and to avoid serious eye diseases and conditions that can cause permanent loss of sight. Make regular eye exams part of your normal healthcare routine. Call Today’s Vision Cinco Ranch optometry clinic at (281) 347-3937 to schedule your exam or use our online system to request an appointment today.

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