Eye and Vision Exams

Importance of Regular Eye and Vision Exams

Regular eye and vision exams are important aspects of good health. Regular eye checkups from Today’s Vision Cinco Rancho in Katy, serving the Houston area, will help in keeping your vision healthy and strong. If you’re not used to seeing an optometrist on a regular basis, now is a good time to start. Your eye health and vision depend on the good care of your eyes. Why are eye and vision exams so important?

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Early Detection of Eye Conditions and Diseases

As you grow older, your eyes are more vulnerable to eye disorders and diseases that can impair your vision. Through annual eye exams, our Katy optometrists can detect signs of eye problems early on, before the problems can cause vision loss. Some eye diseases only show symptoms after the damage is done. Our eye care specialists can diagnose these diseases through comprehensive eye exam, so you can get the treatment you need to preserve your sight.

During an eye exam, we may detect signs of medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure so that you can alert your primary physician to get proper treatment. Left unchecked, these medical conditions can cause vision loss.

Detection of Vision Problems

At Today’s Vision Cinco Rancho, our eye exams include testing for visual acuity, depth perception, eye focus, and eye movement. We may dilate your eyes so that our optometrists can check for eye diseases that can endanger your vision. A comprehensive eye exam will reveal refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, so you can get the prescription you need to correct your sight.  

Children need regular eye exams as their eyes and vision are still developing. We’ll make sure your child receive the eye care service that he or she may need for clear and accurate sight.  Pediatric eye exams can go a long way towards keeping your child’s eyes clear and healthy from infancy through their adult years.

How Often Should You Have a Vision Exam?

Children should have a pediatric exam before starting kindergarten to ensure their vision is up to par for school. If you notice your child squinting, closing one eye to see, or sitting very close to the TV or computer screen, visit our Katy optometrists for a checkup. Children with 20/20 vision can visit an optometrist every two years. Children with refractive errors should have eye exams annually.

In like manner, adults with good vision can get by with biennial eye exams. If you wear contacts or glasses, see our optometrists annually to see if there have been changes in your vision.

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To schedule your eye and vision exam, contact our Katy optometrists, serving Houston as well, at Vision Cinco Rancho by calling 281-347-3937 today.

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