Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contacts at Today's Vision Cinco Ranch

Every pair of eyes is different—and some are more different than others. These differences can pose problems while shopping for contact lenses that offer both optimal vision correction and everyday comfort. If you're worried that you might have to forego contacts due to a hard to fit condition or situation, come to Today's Vision Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX. Our optometrists can evaluate your specific needs and come up with specialized contact lenses that you'll love.

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Common Hard to Fit Conditions

It's nice to be able to order single-vision soft contact lenses off the rack, and many people do have that option. But, a variety of obstacles can make such a choice unlikely. In many cases, a person's corrective prescription is too complex (astigmatism, presbyopia, or strong myopia/hyperopia) for standard lenses to manage. Others have an eye issue such as dry eye or an inflammatory disorder called giant papillary conjunctivitis, both of which can be aggravated by standard contacts. Significant corneal distortion, as seen in problems such as keratoconus, is also a condition ordinary soft contacts are an ineffective choice for. That's because soft lenses simply adapt their shape to the corneal curvature, which fails to correct the refractive errors caused by the irregular corneas. Any of these problems might lead to you to seek out specialized contact lens options.

Contact Lens Exams and Specialized Lenses from Our Optometrist

How do you know whether you have a hard to fit condition? We can make that determination while we're administering a contact lens exam, which is a must for anyone who needs to be fitted for contacts. In addition to measuring your eye dimensions, our optometrist will examine and map your corneal curvature. We will also discuss any other issues you're dealing with that may make standard contacts inadvisable. Even your vision prescription will tell us much about what kind of contacts you may need.

Once we understand your vision challenges, we can prescribe the ideal contacts to overcome them. If you have astigmatism, for instance, toric lenses are specially designed to correct this problem with great precision. Scleral lenses, which vault over the corneas, are a good bet for keratoconus. Dry eye sufferers will feel more comfortable with lenses made from moisture-retaining materials. Gas permeable (GP) lenses are rigid enough to provide optimal correction for challenging prescriptions, including presbyopia.

Looking for the Right Contact Lenses? Call Our Eye Doctor in Katy

Don't let your quest for contact lenses discourage you. Make it easy by calling Today’s Vision Cinco Ranch in Katy at (281) 347-3937 for a contact lens exam. We can help fit you with lenses right for your eyes. 

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