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Senaptec Vision Training from our Optometrist in Katy

Athlete playing baseball with improved performance after senaptec vision training

Senaptec vision training provides an in-depth sensory performance analysis. At Today's Vision Cinco Ranch, our Katy optometrist can provide Senaptec vision training, helping you learn more about yourself and how you can improve your sensory performance. 

What Is Senaptec Vision Training?

Senaptec Vision Training is a type of training designed to improve your focus, coordination, and quickness. It uses technology and optometry techniques to track your sensory output and see how you adjust to different stimuli. 

What Are the Benefits of Senaptec Vision Training?

Senaptec vision training has a variety of benefits including helping individuals recover from brain injuries, increasing an athlete's response times and generally improving your coordination, focus, and speed. Senaptec offers a few different products to assist you. The Senaptec Strobe was made to help train your eyes, brain, and body to work together better than ever before. The lenses of the glasses adjust between opaque and clear, helping individuals focus on only the most important stimuli. This results in better processing of information.  This technology, worn like traditional glasses, can be integrated into training drills and exercises for patients recovering from injury or for those looking to improve their brain-body-vision connections. 

What Does Senaptec Vision Training Measure?

During training, there are many things that we measure including:

  • Reaction time: How quickly you react to visual signals
  • Go/no go: How you react to pressure
  • Contrast sensitivity: How you judge differences in contrast
  • Visual clarity: How well you see distant details
  • Hand-eye coordination: How well you can respond by hand to changing targets
  • Perception span: How you visually take in important information
  • Depth perception: How well you can judge depth at a distance
  • Near-far quickness: How fast you can change your attention between distances
  • Target capture: How rapidly you can recognize peripheral targets
  • Multiple object tracking: How well you track an object through space

Understanding and being able to modify how your mind and body react to stimuli can make you a better patient and athlete. With Senaptec, it's possible to assess and analyze your current sensory performance and to improve on it to give you a competitive edge.

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