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At Today's Vision, we are your primary care optometrist. This type of optometry is your path to the best, most comprehensive eye care. Annual or semi-annual visits to our office are your key to excellent vision and eye health. We can detect eye conditions here before they become serious, manage some conditions at our office, and refer you to our trusted specialists if it is something beyond the scope of our practice.

Your eyes are always in the most excellent care here at our Katy optometry office. As part of our comprehensive care of your eyes and vision, we offer the following services to our clients right here.

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Glaucoma Testing and Management

Glaucoma is easy to detect if you get regular exams at your optometrist. If it is detected, we can manage it to reduce the intra-ocular pressure, prevent damage to the optic nerve, and maintain your good vision. The key is detecting it early with regular Optometry exams. Eye drops and other treatments can be prescribed to manage this common eye condition that is most commonly associated with aging, but can affect anyone at any age with a family history of it.

Pediatric Vision Exams

We are experts at treating children. Many times, children have congenital eye issues, such as cross eyes or lazy eye, and these can be easily detected, treated, and corrected if you bring your child into an optometrist when they are very young. The younger treatment starts, the less likely they will have of needing surgery to correct it, and the better chances of a full correction.

LASIK Consultations

Are you interested in getting LASIK to correct your vision, so you don't need to wear glasses or contacts anymore? We will give you an exam to make sure you are an excellent candidate for this surgery. If you are, we will refer you to our trusted LASIK surgery partner, then manage all the after care for you, until your eyes have fully healed, and your vision is crystal clear.

Retina Imaging

We can detect beginning retina issues with our Optomap Retinal Exam. This allows us to get an ultra-wide field view of your retina. This is more comprehensive than most optometrists offer, where they only look at the front of the eye. We will look at the retina at the back of the eye, and refer you to a retina specialist if we discover the need. This protects your vision by detecting issues before they become real issues.

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Contact us to make your appointment for an eye exam. If it's been a while, it's about time you get your eye health back on track. If you are looking for a new optometrist, you can't choose a better one in the Katy area than us. We are looking forward to meeting you to serve all of your eye care needs, and to welcoming you to the Today's Vision family.

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