Sports Vision

How Sports Vision Enhances Athletic Performance

Sports Vision

Athletes have special vision requirements that go far beyond what’s needed for everyday activities. From hand-eye coordination to visual tracking to depth perception, vision is crucial to success in just about every sport.

Before an individual makes a single move in training or in competition, every sense is actively engaged and preparing the mind and body for action. Vision accounts for the majority of the sensory information received and processed by the brain. Science and research shows that these visual and sensory skills are modifiable. These skills can be the difference to providing an individual an advantage to perceive and react more quickly for sport, in battle, or other life activities. With Senaptec’s technologies, you can asses, analyze, and improve sensory performance to give an individual a competitive edge.

Your Optometrist in Katy Offers Sports Vision Testing, Treatment with Senaptec

Sports vision testing and therapies from your optometrist in Katy can assist athletes in a variety of ways.  We use a specifically specialized program from the world leader in sports vision enhancement, Senaptec.

The Senaptec Sensory Station is a state-of-art sensory evaluation and training station which assesses individuals of all levels on 10 visual and sensory motor skills. In less than 30 minutes, an individual’s strengths and areas of opportunities for improvement can be determined.  Sensory Performance Report is produced immediately with an improvement plan to start training right away.

  • Proven Evaluation Tools - Sensory Station measurements are founded on scientific principles and proven through research. The methodology has been used to evaluate youth and professional athletes.
  • Large Comparison Database - Senaptec’s database includes comparative database from youth to professional sports with a wide range of sports and positions. Custom comparisons can be easily made with the Sensory Station.
  • Analysis and Improvement Plan - Senaptec’s proprietary algorithms providean 18-point analysis report immediately after the evaluation. A custom improvement plan is also included based on the analysis report.
  • Training Tools - Individuals can train to improve their skills with the built-in training tools. The Sensory Station is a platform to build additional tools and will be added on an ongoing basis.

Sports Vision Testing Types and Options

There are a number of sports vision testing procedures that can effectively test all of these areas and more. The following are some examples of the most effective and insightful types of sports vision testing that athletes have access to:

-   VISUAL CLARITY - see distant details
-   CONTRAST SENSITIVITY - judge differences in contrast
-   DEPTH PERCEPTION - judge depth information at distance
-   NEAR-FAR QUICKNESS - change attention between distances
-   PERCEPTION SPAN - visually acquire critical information
-   REACTION TIME - hand reaction to a visual signal
-   TARGET CAPTURE - rapidly shift and recognize peripheral targets
-   MULTIPLE OBJECT TRACKING - track objects moving in space
-   EYE-HAND COORDINATION - hand responses to chaning targets
-   GO/NO GO - make decisions and react in pressure situations

Once all aspects of an athlete’s vision are fully tested and assessed, your Katy optometrist can proceed with a treatment plan. With a full assessment of both your vision strengths and weaknesses, together we will be able to develop the areas that are lagging and bring key treatments and enhancements to improve overall sports vision.

Eye training can assist in many areas of sports vision so that you can play your sport better than ever before. You will also be better able to avoid injury by making mistakes or errors in judgment that are related to defects in vision.

Katy Optometry Clinic Experienced in Sports Vision Training Techniques

Computer simulations from your Katy optometry clinic are an effective training tool that can allow athletes to work on and strengthen specific areas of vision. Using “internal” vision to enhance performance and anticipate/practice successful outcomes are another way to help enhance sports performance through sports vision treatments and training. Contact Today's Vision Cinco Ranch in Katy today to schedule your Senaptec sports vision exam.

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